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Pesaro, a popular seaside resort among Italians. It is conveniently located on the Adriatic Sea, between the two cities of Rimini and Ancona, in the Marche region.

Pesaro, bathed by the Adriatic, with its culture, its size and its rhythms on a human scale, its past and present heritages, has made hospitality a vocation that, born on the seashore at the end of 1800, still wants to grow and win the attention of travellers, whether they are lovers of uncrowded beaches, lovers of the arts or dynamic sports activities.

Pesaro is undoubtedly a wonderful city, where the quality of life is good and moving here is certainly an excellent idea.

Discover unique apartments in the historic center of Pesaro, seaview houses next to the famous sandy beaches of the Marche region and properties in the amazing countryside of Pesaro.

The nearest airports to Pesaro are Rimini International Airport (34 km) or Ancona International Airport (58 km).


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