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1.1. This Cookie Policy (hereinafter referred to as “the Policy”) is developed and adopted by Trevi Elite S.R.L. (Taxpayer Identification Code: 08930591006, entry in the register of companies in the Chamber of Commerce of Rome No. 1127621, in the register of companies providing intermediary services No. 9683 dated 06/03/2006; legal address: Via di Porta Pinciana, 34, 00187, Rome, Italy). By means of this Policy, we would like to inform you about Cookie-files, its meaning, purposes and types used on our Website ( Using our Website and cookies-files in your browser settings, you become a Visitor and accept all terms and conditions of the present Cookie Policy. In case of your disagreement with the terms of this Policy, please, refrain from using the Website.

1.2. Trevi Elite S.R.L. respects the privacy rights of Website Visitors and recognizes the importance of your personal data protection.

1.3. We have the right to periodically amend this Policy, specifying the date of latest revision at the beginning of the document. We recommend the Visitor to make periodic checks for such changes in this Policy. If you use our Website after the revised version is published, it means that you agree with it.

1.4. This Policy does not apply to cookies submitted and placed on third-party websites, including those having links that may be published on our Website.

1.5. If you have any questions or if you think that not all information of interest is presented in this Policy, please, contact us by email:

2. Who are we?

Trevi Elite S.R.L. is an Italian Company registered at the Chamber of Commerce of Rome (number of registration role agents subjects in mediation 9683), as well as a member of the Italian Federation of Real Estate Agents FIMAA with professional policy № 44331710, directed by bilingual (Russian-Italian) professionals with many years of experience and specific expertise in the field of luxury real estate. We specialize in providing services in the luxury real estate sector since 2005, offering customers selected high-status real estate properties in the most prestigious regions of Italy. In addition to making all necessary arrangements for the purchase of the selected property, we can provide the would-be owner with a full range of services to make his ownership of  property a more enjoyable experience. This includes administrative and utility services support, making arrangements for possible alterations and repairs with the employment of local Italian contractors, commercial use of the property, legal advice, and other services. Our Website is a collection of web pages hosted on the Internet, united by a single theme, design and address space of the domain. Our home page providing a Visitor with the access to all other Website pages is available at

Website Visitor is a person who has downloaded any page of our Website onto his device (computer, laptop, mobile), as well as the page of any of its sub-domains.

3. What is a Cookie?

A Cookie file is a small piece of data that a Website requests from a browser used on your computer or mobile device. Cookies reflect your actions or preferences. Cookies are stored locally on your computer or mobile device. We use cookies and other similar tools for various purposes, as well as to distinguish you from other users of our website, in order to improve the Website performance (including the use of metric programs Yandex.Metrica, Google Analytics, Firebas Google, Tune, Amplitude, Segmento), determining your preferences, providing targeted information on our products and services. The information from cookies is not used for personal identification, and data on actions on the Website are completely protected.

Cookies are not harmful to your computer or its security and have nothing to do with programs that can do any damage to you, your information or your equipment (computer, smartphone, etc.).

4. What types of cookies exist?

Cookie type Description
Necessary Cookie Necessary cookies are required to view our Website and use all its functions. Without these cookies, it is impossible to ensure a stable work of our Website services, as well as these cookies help to identify and prevent security threats
Analytical Cookie Analytical cookies help to improve the performance of our Website (for example, collect information about errors from web-pages) and make it more convenient for users
Functional Cookie Functional cookies allow the Website to remember your previous choice of settings when viewing the Website (for example, Your username, Your location, font or Your language) and provide other advanced personalized functions
Advertizing cookies Advertising cookies collect information about the content you are interested in on the Internet in order to provide relevant advertising that may be interesting for You


5. Cookies we use

5.1. Which cookies can we use without your consent?

The usage of cookies, which ensure the functionality and security of our Website, under the provisions of applicable law is possible without your explicit consent.

5.2. What kind of data is collected for the safe and correct operation of our Website?

As noted above, we use cookies that are necessary for the safe and correct operation of our Website, and thereby collect certain data, such as: IP-address; date and time of the request; request content; information about the web browser (a program thanks to which the Visitor has an access to web pages on the Internet), including language and version; information about the operating system (manufacturer, version); information about the device (computer, smartphone, etc.).

5.3. Which cookies are covered by your consent?

Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager

Our Website uses Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager – analytics and tracking services from Google Inc. (1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, California, 94043, the United States of America). Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager use cookies (for example, _ga, _gid, etc.), which allow us to analyze the use of our Website by its Visitors.


Besides Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, our Website also uses Yandex.Metrica web analytics, provided by “Yandex” LLC (16 Tolstogo str., Moscow, Russia, 119021). Yandex.Metrica using “cookie” technology (small text files such as _ym_metrika_enabled, _ym_isad, _ym_uid, etc.) collects information about the use of our Website by its Visitor. Data collected by means of cookies is transferred to “Yandex” LLC and stored on a Yandex’s server in the EU and the Russian Federation. Yandex LLC processes received data to evaluate the use of our Website by the Visitor, as well as to prepare reports on the activities of our Website and other services.


In order to inform about our products and services, as well as by placing advertising materials, we use myTarget service, provided by (Barbara Strozzilaan 201, 1083HN, Amsterdam, Netherlands). Cookies help to receive information about the use of our Website, assess the effectiveness of our advertisements, etc. In addition, you can find useful information about the use of data received by at and

Google Adwords

Our company uses Google AdWords advertising service and Google remarketing function. This function allows to show advertisements to those users who have previously visited our Website, and cookies can improve the effectiveness of such advertisements. Useful information on how to manage advertising cookies on Google can be found at:


The cookies we use help to display relevant advertisements to Facebook users who have previously visited our Website. Moreover, cookies help us understand your preferences and determine the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Facebook uses cookie data only if the Visitor of our Website has a Facebook account, or if the Visitor uses other Facebook products (Instagram, Messenger, etc.). More detailed information about the Facebook Cookie Policy and the Privacy Policy is provided at:

6. How can you manage cookies?

Browsers, generally, allow cookies by default. At the same time, most browsers allow you to delete cookies located on your hard drive, prohibit new ones or notify the Visitor before saving them. Instructions for managing Cookies in a browser can usually be found in the help service (Help function). Different browsers use different Cookie management mechanisms. You can find more information about changing cookie settings by visiting the following websites:

For more information, visit, which contains information about how to delete or block cookies, as well as other useful information about cookies.

It is important to understand that the exclusion of cookies can lead to functional limitations when using the Website and all the useful functions that make our Website so convenient can work unstably.

If you have any comments or questions regarding this Cookie Policy or our use of cookies, please contact us by email: or by post at the address: Via di Porta Pinciana, 34, 00187, Rome, Italy.

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