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Italy is delightful because of the diversity of the real estate on offer. If you are after a peaceful and quiet place you could consider a country house or a vineyard in Tuscany. If you prefer the city vibes, you could go for residences in Rome, Milan or Venice. If you like the sea, sea-view houses and villas will suit you best.

Real estate in Italy is a perfect investment – the Mediterranean climate, unimaginable scenery, lovely beaches, quaint villages, cities bustling with culture, amazing food, fine wines and easy access from anywhere in Europe. Italy will not leave anyone indifferent! And, of course, there are lots of different types of properties available.

Property in Italy in the Tuscan hills in the centre of Rome does one begin to choose your dream property in Italy?

  • Umbria is less well known and less crowded compared to some Italian regions
  • Abruzzo and the beautiful Dolomites is ideal for anyone searching for property close to the mountains
  • Latium is home to the unforgettable Rome, with its historic designs, ruins and ancient monuments
  • Milan is known worldwide for its elegance and fashion
  • Venice is all about its canals

And there are plenty more exciting areas to search for your dream Italian property. No matter what your tastes and budget, there will absolute be a property in Italy to suit you!

Real estate in Italy is a diverse and dynamic market, offering a wide range of properties to meet the needs and desires of a broad range of buyers. From quaint countryside cottages to modern apartments in bustling cities, there is something for everyone in the Italian real estate market.

One of the most popular types of properties in Italy is the traditional country villa. These homes are often nestled in the rolling hills and picturesque countryside, surrounded by olive groves, vineyards, and fields of sunflowers. Many of these homes have been beautifully restored, retaining the original character and charm of the property while offering modern conveniences and luxury amenities.

In the larger cities, such as Rome, Milan, and Florence, the real estate market offers a wide range of properties, from classic Italian apartments in historic buildings to modern, luxurious penthouse suites. The Italian cities are renowned for their architectural beauty and cultural heritage, and owning a property in one of these cities is a dream for many people.

Italy’s coastline is also a popular location for real estate, with a range of properties available from elegant villas with private beaches to apartments in stylish seaside resorts. The Italian coastline offers a relaxed, Mediterranean lifestyle, with sun-drenched beaches, crystal-clear waters, and a variety of outdoor activities, including boating, fishing, and watersports.

In recent years, Italy has seen a rise in popularity as a holiday rental destination, and many property owners are choosing to invest in holiday homes in Italy to take advantage of the rental market. Whether it’s a seaside apartment, a countryside villa, or a city center pied-à-terre, there is a strong demand for rental properties in Italy.

Investing in real estate in Italy can be a wise investment, with properties often appreciating in value over time. The Italian real estate market is considered stable, and there is a high demand for properties, both for personal use and as holiday rentals. The country’s rich history, culture, and natural beauty, combined with its world-renowned cuisine and wine, make it an attractive destination for property buyers from around the world.

However, it’s important to do your research and consider all the factors before making a real estate investment in Italy. There are various costs associated with owning a property in Italy, including property taxes, utilities, and maintenance. You should also consider the local market conditions, including the economy and housing demand, to ensure that your investment is secure.

In conclusion, the Italian real estate market is a diverse and dynamic market, offering a range of properties to meet the needs and desires of a broad range of buyers. From charming countryside cottages to modern apartments in bustling cities, and from elegant coastal villas to city center pied-à-terres, there is something for everyone in the Italian real estate market. With careful research and consideration, investing in real estate in Italy can be a wise investment, offering the opportunity to own a piece of this beautiful and historic country.

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Can buying real estate in Italy be a high yield investment?

Italy has long enticed foreign investors looking for a second home – think of countryside villas, seafront apartments and quaint townhouses and you will get an idea of what types of properties are available on Take a look at the Unusual Properties page for a unique home, with options including castles, mills and even a church or a monastery!

As Italy is easily accessible, with airports and ports serving European and international destinations, it is also a great base for buyers wishing to explore other European countries. It draws in visitors from all over the world with its rich cultural and artistic heritage, spectacular views, beautiful coastlines and who would forget that deliciously fresh food and fine wine?

Whilst popular locations such as Rome, Milan and Florence might command a higher price tag, there are also opportunities to be found in emerging markets such as Sardinia and Lacio, and with demand for real estate in Italy rising, it is the ideal time to snap up an investment, which not only will grow in value, but which you can also easily rent out when you are not using your property yourself. Trevi Elite can also absolutely help you with that to achieve a high yielding investment.

To buy a property in Italy, you can follow these general steps:

  • Determine your budget: Determine your budget by taking into account the cost of the property, taxes, legal fees, and other expenses associated with the purchase.
  • Research the market: Research the local real estate market and find properties that fit your needs and budget. You can use online real estate websites, classifieds, or hire a local real estate agent to help you with your search.
  • Visit the properties: Visit the properties that you’re interested in and take note of the location, condition, and amenities. You can also have a property inspection done to ensure that the property is in good condition.
  • Make an offer: If you find a property that you like, make an offer to the seller. Negotiate the price and terms of the sale until you reach an agreement with the seller.

Italian real estate market

The real estate market in Italy is undergoing a profound cultural change: there is no longer a dividing line between first and second homes: the pandemic and remote working have resulted in a “fluid real estate market”.

These figures are due to several factors: firstly, after stable demand throughout 2021, the Italian property market is now recovering; the second factor is the emergence of new demand segments, such as high demand for home renovations.

People want to have more comfortable, beautiful, spacious housing, complete with open spaces, also located outside the city, in the countryside, in villages, small towns where you are guaranteed a higher quality of life. And, therefore, either existing houses in Italy are being renovated, or new ones, larger and with more opportunities, are bought.

Properties for sale in Italy

Trevi Elite provides a full range of services in the field of residential and commercial properties for sale in Italy in the most attractive parts of Italy:

  • Houses and apartments in Rome
  • Prestigious homes in Milan
  • Homes overlooking the canals in Venice
  • Farmhouses and vineyards in Tuscany
  • Luxury villas in Sardinia and Capri
  • Houses for sale in northern Italy on the famous lakes of Como, Maggiore and Garda

How to buy property in Italy

We offer a number of guides for those looking to buy a property in Italy, covering such aspects as Italian law, taxes, renovations and even what it’s like to live in Italy. Plus a blog and many helpful tips to provide you with the advice you need when buying a property abroad, as we know it can be a daunting process

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Trevi Elite, in addition to dealing with the acquisition and sale of properties in Italy, offers additional after-sales services:

  • The registration;
  • Legal assistance;
  • Investments;
  • Obtaining residence permits;
  • Business openings and management;
  • Opening of current accounts with Italian and Swiss banks and assistance in obtaining a mortgage loan.

Other services

In addition, Trevi Elite deals with the management of the purchased property, such as, for example, the payment of utilities, the maintenance and repair of the property and the selection of domestic staff.

We offer a complete service ranging from the selection of a property to the turnkey delivery.

Popular questions about Italy

Why does Italy attract so many tourists and people from all over the world looking to buy property here? The invariable charm of Italy, its culture, landscapes, sunny climate, and cheerful hospitality win the hearts of most tourists. The serenity and calm of the Italian lifestyle, as well as Italy’s convenient location in the center of Europe, combined with good food and artistic beauties, has been attracting Italian real estate buyers for many decades.

Foreign buyers are either looking for a second home or house in Italy for permanent residence, or they are considering investment opportunities to generate rental income.

  • Geographic location and climate
  • Multiple entry visas and residence permits
  • High quality of life
  • Eco bonuses for renovation and restoration
  • Flat tax regime
  • A good investment, as Italy:
    – Is among the top countries in terms of economic development
    – Is one of the most popular tourist destinations
    – Has severe restrictions on building new homes
Sectors to invest in Italy real estate: the residential segment will continue to drive the market, while offices and the commercial sector may suffer. You should also consider the Italian hotel market, which is attracting a lot of interest after a year of relative inactivity. Large investors are particularly focused on the elite market segment.

Statistics from major Italian real estate portals show that most foreigners prefer detached houses, such as coastal homes, countryside or large garden houses in the vicinity of major cities – all excellent choices for permanent residence spending the holidays with friends and family in complete.


The Italian real estate websites also show that Italian coastal homes, mostly townhouses,
particularly near big cities are in great demand, the prices of which can be significantly less than for a detached house. Such types of Italian real estate as a townhouse, a section of a villa or a villetta come with a private garden, a parking place and often even a swimming pool.

The most popular destinations for buying property with an increase in the number of transations are major regional centers such as Rome, Milan and Florence. Three-bedroom apartments with a balcony or a terrace remain the most popular, followed by four-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments.

Taxes in Italy upon purchase:

Registration tax/stamp duty (imposta di registro)
If you are buying a property with the intention of applying for residency, you are entitled to a tax incentive, paying 2%, instead of the usual 9%, of the cadastral value*. Other rules apply to aquisition of land and whenever a company is involved.

*The “fiscal value” (also known as “cadastral value”) is the value recorded in the land registry, which is usually significantly lower than the “transaction value”, the value recorded in the purchase deed.

If you buy a property from a developer or constructor as your main residence – you pay 4% of the purchase price.

As a second home – you pay 10% of the purchase price (unless the property is classified as a luxury property, in which case you pay 22% of the purchase price)

Land registry/cadastral tax and mortgage tax are minimal.

Annual maintenance taxes:

Property ownership tax (“IMU”)
It is calculated at a rate that ranges from 0.4 % to 0.76 %of the cadastre value depending on the municipality. If your property is your primary residence, you do not have to pay the IMU. However, if the property is either your second house or your primary residence but it is categorized as a
luxury dwelling – IMU is obligatory.

Indivisible Services Tax (TASI) It is worked out as between 1% and 3.3% of the property’s
cadastral value, depending on the municipality it is in. The average cost is about € 70.

Waste collection tax (“TARI”). The amounts vary by location and by the number of registered residents.

If you are buying a house in Italy from a private seller who isn’t registered for IVA, you will not need to pay this tax.

But if you buy your property from an IVA-registered company or property developer, IVA taxes range from 4% to 22% of the purchase price.

Although ownership of a house in Italy does not entitle you to a residency permit (permesso di
soggiorno), it will definitely facilitate getting an Elective Residence Visa, which also requires proof that you have sufficient funds to support your stay without having to work. Owning property can also strengthen your application for an investor visa.


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