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Trevi Elite srl is registered in the Chamber of Commerce of Rome, number in the registry of intermediary agents 9683, and a member of the Italian Federation of Business Agent Mediators FIMAA, insurance policy No. 502088818. The company’s office is located in the very center of Rome, on Via di Porta Pinciana 34, next to Piazza di Spagna and Villa Borghese Park. The company has been operating in the Italian luxury real estate market since 2006.

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Italian real estate - a smart investment in the art of living and your future

Italy is not only the epitome of beauty and style but also a place with numerous opportunities for investors. The Italian real estate market is known for its stability and growth potential, making a purchase here not just an emotional choice but also a well-considered financial investment.

Acquiring property in Italy means investing in a country with a rich history, a unique cultural heritage, and an unparalleled way of life. It’s a country where every day is an opportunity to savor exquisite cuisine, exceptional wines, and picturesque landscapes. However, beyond its cultural merits, Italy also offers a stable legal framework for investors and attractive conditions for real estate acquisition.

Italian real estate is not only an opportunity to live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world but also a smart investment in your future. We invite you to contact us to discuss how Trevi Elite can assist you in realizing this lucrative opportunity.

"Trevi Elite" - your trusted Real Estate Partner in Italy

When purchasing property in Italy, choosing an experienced and licensed real estate agency is not just a convenience, it’s a necessity. Local agencies like “Trevi Elite” possess deep market knowledge, understanding of local legislative nuances, and access to exclusive properties. A professional agency provides not just a wide selection of residential and commercial real estate but also ensures the security of all transaction stages.

The importance of working with a licensed agency is further reinforced by their network of partners—from lawyers to interior designers—who can assist in turning your property into a turnkey solution. An agency with experience and a solid reputation, like “Trevi Elite”, offers its clients not just real estate, but a world of opportunities, backed by reliable support and a deep understanding of each client’s individual needs.

We will assist you in buying, selling, and providing legal support for your dream home in Italy

At Trevi Elite, we understand the importance of choosing the right home. With us, you will find a wide range of properties, from luxurious seaside villas to historic homes in the heart of Rome and secluded estates in Tuscany. Our goal is to offer you not only a unique home but also a profitable investment that will generate a stable income and increase in value over time.

We provide a comprehensive range of services for real estate transactions in Italy, offering legal support for property purchases and rentals. We take care of property maintenance and management in Italy, organize renovations, help you find household staff, and much more.

We offer professional consultations on various aspects related to buying, selling, and owning property in Italy, as well as guidance on taxation, investments, obtaining Italian residence permits and citizenship, opening accounts in Italian banks, and solutions for optimizing your business in Italy.

Discover Trevi Elite Properties: Unveiling Italy's Finest Residential and Lucrative Commercial Real Estate

  • Scenic villas on the Amalfi Coast and around Lake Como, where you can enjoy unparalleled views of azure waters.
  • Luxurious apartments and penthouses in Milan and Rome, where modern design meets the comfort of a metropolis and rich cultural heritage.
  • Spacious homes in Tuscany and Umbria, offering tranquility and seclusion amidst picturesque vineyards and olive groves.
  • Exclusive properties in Sardinia and Sicily, where you can relish the unique combination of beautiful beaches, historical monuments, and exquisite cuisine.
  • Street retail and offices in the business hubs of cities such as Milan, Rome, and Florence.
  • Supermarkets and majestic buildings in strategically important locations.

Our Services

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Trevi Elite, in addition to dealing with the acquisition and sale of properties in Italy, offers additional after-sales services:

  • The registration;
  • Legal assistance;
  • Investments;
  • Obtaining residence permits;
  • Business openings and management;
  • Opening of current accounts with Italian and Swiss banks and assistance in obtaining a mortgage loan.

Other services

In addition, Trevi Elite deals with the management of the purchased property, such as, for example, the payment of utilities, the maintenance and repair of the property and the selection of domestic staff.

We offer a complete service ranging from the selection of a property to the turnkey delivery.

Popular questions about Italy

Why does Italy attract so many tourists and people from all over the world looking to buy property here? The invariable charm of Italy, its culture, landscapes, sunny climate, and cheerful hospitality win the hearts of most tourists. The serenity and calm of the Italian lifestyle, as well as Italy’s convenient location in the center of Europe, combined with good food and artistic beauties, has been attracting Italian real estate buyers for many decades.

Foreign buyers are either looking for a second home or house in Italy for permanent residence, or they are considering investment opportunities to generate rental income.

  • Geographic location and climate
  • Multiple entry visas and residence permits
  • High quality of life
  • Eco bonuses for renovation and restoration
  • Flat tax regime
  • A good investment, as Italy:
    – Is among the top countries in terms of economic development
    – Is one of the most popular tourist destinations
    – Has severe restrictions on building new homes
Sectors to invest in Italy real estate: the residential segment will continue to drive the market, while offices and the commercial sector may suffer. You should also consider the Italian hotel market, which is attracting a lot of interest after a year of relative inactivity. Large investors are particularly focused on the elite market segment.

Statistics from major Italian real estate portals show that most foreigners prefer detached houses, such as coastal homes, countryside or large garden houses in the vicinity of major cities – all excellent choices for permanent residence spending the holidays with friends and family in complete.


The Italian real estate websites also show that Italian coastal homes, mostly townhouses,
particularly near big cities are in great demand, the prices of which can be significantly less than for a detached house. Such types of Italian real estate as a townhouse, a section of a villa or a villetta come with a private garden, a parking place and often even a swimming pool.

The most popular destinations for buying property with an increase in the number of transations are major regional centers such as Rome, Milan and Florence. Three-bedroom apartments with a balcony or a terrace remain the most popular, followed by four-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments.

Taxes in Italy upon purchase:

Registration tax/stamp duty (imposta di registro)
If you are buying a property with the intention of applying for residency, you are entitled to a tax incentive, paying 2%, instead of the usual 9%, of the cadastral value*. Other rules apply to aquisition of land and whenever a company is involved.

*The “fiscal value” (also known as “cadastral value”) is the value recorded in the land registry, which is usually significantly lower than the “transaction value”, the value recorded in the purchase deed.

If you buy a property from a developer or constructor as your main residence – you pay 4% of the purchase price.

As a second home – you pay 10% of the purchase price (unless the property is classified as a luxury property, in which case you pay 22% of the purchase price)

Land registry/cadastral tax and mortgage tax are minimal.

Annual maintenance taxes:

Property ownership tax (“IMU”)
It is calculated at a rate that ranges from 0.4 % to 0.76 %of the cadastre value depending on the municipality. If your property is your primary residence, you do not have to pay the IMU. However, if the property is either your second house or your primary residence but it is categorized as a
luxury dwelling – IMU is obligatory.

Indivisible Services Tax (TASI) It is worked out as between 1% and 3.3% of the property’s
cadastral value, depending on the municipality it is in. The average cost is about € 70.

Waste collection tax (“TARI”). The amounts vary by location and by the number of registered residents.

If you are buying a house in Italy from a private seller who isn’t registered for IVA, you will not need to pay this tax.

But if you buy your property from an IVA-registered company or property developer, IVA taxes range from 4% to 22% of the purchase price.

Although ownership of a house in Italy does not entitle you to a residency permit (permesso di
soggiorno), it will definitely facilitate getting an Elective Residence Visa, which also requires proof that you have sufficient funds to support your stay without having to work. Owning property can also strengthen your application for an investor visa.


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