Summer 2022: huge demand for properties in Forte dei Marmi

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Summer 2022: Forte dei Marmi is the most expensive resort in Italy, and it is generally considered to be the most luxurious.

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More and more foreigners and Italians are choosing the Versilian coast in Tuscany for their summer holidays. As result, there is a huge level of demand for what is the best in Tuscany – the luxury properties in Forte dei Marmi.

Villas, especially in the Malibu style, are particularly desirable. Their prices have even caught up with similar properties on the US Californian coast. Typically, a luxury villa in Forte dei Marmi goes for c.€12 million. Yet, despite the rising prices, there is a lot more demand than supply.

If a few years ago, before the start of the pandemic, our property buyers were looking at villas worth c.€2-3 million, now their budgets have increased dramatically. Our clients are now ready to pay up to €10-12 million for a new modern Malibu-style villa (they also typically want a pool) – and these types of properties are not easily found in Italy!

The level of demand for holidays in Forte dei Marmi is also seen in the rental market. 2022 summer rentals have surpassed all expectations; for last minute bookings in August there were no hotel rooms available. At the luxury end of the rental market, foreign tourists were ready to pay as much as € 150,000 per month for the best villas in the high season.

Why is Forte dei Marmi so attractive?

It is luxurious and the place to be seen in.

In the daytime, you can experience boutique shopping, enjoy snow-white beaches and the well-equipped beach clubs (typically two sunbeds under a canopy and a cabin cost from €10,000 per season), have a stroll in the coniferous groves… all the beauty that Tuscany can offer.

In the evenings, the best restaurants in Italy with their star chefs and the best nightlife will always be here for you (our sophisticated clientele love the concerts, clubs and parties that are on offer) … and you will often meet world-famous stars on your travels in Forte dei Marmi.

Magic Johnson, Samuel L. Jackson, Naomi Campbell, Daniel Craig, Donatella Versaci, just to name a few – they all chose Forte dei Marmi for their first post-pandemic holiday destination in 2021.

Majority stayed at the Byron Hotel and were often see at the Piero beach club.

villas in forte dei marmi (3)
Byron Hotel, Forte dei Marmi

Forte dei Marmi is very safe and welcoming. Everything here is comfortable, beautiful and luxurious. You can easily rent boats and yachts, do sports, entertain your kids… Forte dei Marmi is for the luxury holiday connoisseurs.

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