The reconstruction starts in Milan with the Torre Velasca

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For the first time since the coronavirus pandemic, new reconstruction projects for the city have begun. More and more foreign investors are interested in investing in the main cities of Italy. Milan ranks first in terms of funds raised for its reconstruction and development.

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The first project is the Velasca Tower, which was built in 1957 and is located a few steps from the Piazza Duomo. In honor of the reconstruction, it was decided that there would be a concert, playing famous works by Mozart, Verdi, and Vivaldi, held on the top floor of the Academia tower of the Teatro La Scala under the management of Speranza Scappucci.

The project will provide multifunctionality, as the building will include residential homes, offices, restaurants, and even a fitness area for sports. There is no equivalent to such a project in Milan. Along with other unique projects, like the Vertical Garden, Torre Velasca has its own exceptional and rich history.

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Since the beginning of its construction, dating back to the post-war period, the Torre Velasca received a lot of criticism for extraordinary solutions. Nevertheless, the Torre Velasca has managed to maintain and further contribute to innovation. Perhaps this is why the building is so loved by many Milanese. It is also worth noting the successful development of the public transportation network, which will open very close to the building as the 4th metro line.

We are very pleased to present the sale of apartments and offices in the “Torre Velasca” building.

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