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The last two years between the pandemic and the economic downturn have been a serious test for the economy of Italy and the world as a whole. However, there are industries that have not been affected at all by this difficult period that we have all experienced. One of them is luxury Italian real estate, which still has a wide range of properties in locations that attract wealthy buyers, from country houses in Tuscany to villas for sale by the sea or apartments in charming cities such as Rome, Milan, Venice or Florence.



Prestigious real estate in Italy: Luxury villas, houses, apartments for sale in Italy

For some time now, the “Boot of the Apennines” has been in the crosshairs of investors from various foreign countries who see this beautiful country as an ideal place to buy property in Italy for permanent residence and obtain a residence permit in Italy. Among the buyers are many foreigners. Most clients interested in prestigious Italian real estate come from Northern Europe, America, Russia, Switzerland, Arab countries and even China.
The post-coronavirus market trend in Italy luxury homes sees an increase in demand, especially for the purchase of properties with a terrace or garden, penthouses with roof garden, as well as for properties with large rooms that can be used for remote work.

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