Did you know that autumn in Italy starts on September 21st?

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Contrary to popular belief, autumn in Italy does not begin on the 1st of September, but on the 21st, and it ends on December 21st, when the astronomical winter sets in. However, astronomical seasons do not always begin on the 21st (be it September, December, March or June). This year, the autumn equinox will occur on Friday, September 23, 2023.

If we look at the sky at the end of summer and notice that the moon seems fuller, bigger and brighter, and the temperature is a little cooler than usual, this is a sign that the autumn equinox is coming. The autumnal equinox occurs from September 21st to 24th, and always at different times. The change in the time of its occurrence is caused by the different duration of the solar and the calendar years: the planet makes a revolution around the Sun in 365.25 days. For this reason, the equinox does not always fall on the 21st.

If you thought that you missed the summer season in Italy, think again. September still brings warm weather and sunny skies. In fact, the Italian summer lasts until late autumn, especially in the south, where it is even warmer. September is often considered the best month to visit Italy because the weather is fantastic, it’s less crowded than in summer, and the countryside looks just incredible.

For hundreds of years, autumn in Italy has been a time of harvest and celebration. Autumn brings an abundance of delicious fruit from the rich soils for which the peninsula has always been famous. Italy’s main pride is, of course, olives and grapes. In the last decade, some wineries and olive estates have started to allow visitors help with the harvest. From personal experience, there is nothing more satisfying than picking grapes and then enjoying wine made from the same fruit in previous years. The whole family takes part in such events – this is the essence of the traditional Italian culture.

In September, when the harvest season begins in Italy, many local events and festivals take place throughout the country. If you love Italian food, this is the perfect time to visit the country. Small picturesque villages from Sicily to Lombardy come to life during the autumn festivals dedicated to everything food related: from chocolate, white truffles to prosciutto. This is a great opportunity to try real Italian cuisine without going to an expensive restaurant.

Although every season has its own unique charm, autumn in Italy has something special to offer.

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