How much does a house in Italy cost?

Italian Registration Tax (Tassa di Registro)
The purchase of a house in Italy is subject to a Registration Tax, that is the main trasfer registration in Italy and is 2% of the cadastral registry value of the property if the buyer is a resident and if he is buying a first house, or 9% if the buyer is a non-resident or if he is buying a second home.

Land Registry Tax (imposta catastale)
The land registry tax or “imposta catastale” is a fixed fee that varies from €50 in case the buyer is buying a house from a private seller, to €200 in case the buyer is buying a house through a registered real estate company in Italy.

The Mortgage Tax (imposta ipotecaria)
The Mortgage Tax or “Imposta Ipotecaria” is applied to all properties transactions, new buildings as well as older properties. The fee is €129.11 for residents who buy their first house. The fee is 1% of the cadastral value for non-residents and for second homes purchases.

If you buy a house in Italy from a private seller who does not own VAT, you will not need to pay this tax.
Is you buy a property through a real estate company with a registered VAT or from the property builder, you will need to pay a tax that ranges from 4% to 22%.

Real Estate Agency commission
Real Estate Agency commission is 5% for properties less than 500,000 Euros, 4% for properties between 500,000 and 1 million Euros, 3% for properties more than 1 million Euros.

Notary fees
Notary fees start around €3,000 and they can vary according to the complexity of the real estate transaction.



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