The importance of buying a property in Italy

Thanks to the many assets that make it a unique place in the world such as art, architecture, history, culture, landscape, custumes, food and climate, Italy has always been a popular destination, not only for tourists.

Foreigners always bought homes and villas in Italy; in the last 25 years more and more International VIPs have bought amazing italian properties to fully enjoy the climate, the landscape and to live that romantic and dreamlike atmosphere that italian places offer for every occasion. High end weddings are held in the most beautiful italian estates and countless movies are shot all over the country.

Advantages of buying a property in Italy:

• Ideal geographical position and mild climate

• Stable real estate market

• High quality of life and excellent social services system

• Sale taxes and annual property taxes are low compared to Europe and the U.S.

• Average prices accessible for property purchases
• Low cost of living

• Government financial aid programs which cover portions of renovations costs to improve energy efficiency

• Italy is one of the greatest tourists destinations in the world and has tight restrictions on building new houses.

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