New building or secondary housing?

The main part of the real estate fund in Italy is secondary housing. The country has severe restrictions on the construction of new homes, therefore, buying a house in Italy is always considered as a reliable investment due to the limited number of offers.

Especially in large cities, new buildings in Milan, Rome, Florence are sold out already at the stage of laying bricks, while prices do not vary much at different stages of construction.

Requests from clients planning to buy a home in Italy are mainly directed to new or already renovated housing, but there are not many offers like that on the market. Considering also buying property in Italy for renovation, you get the opportunity to purchase housing in more attractive locations at better prices. Now the state program Super Bonus is in effect – benefits for repairs and energy efficiency improvements that can cover up to 110% of costs. Trevi Elite Real Estate Agency provides a range of after-sales services, including renovations and restorations, cooperating with renowned Italian architects, designers, and reliable construction teams.

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