The Most Luxurious New Hotels in Rome: Dolce Vita Returns to Via Veneto

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Rome, the capital of Italy, has been graced with the opening of ten new 5-star hotels over the past two years. From Four Seasons to Mandarin Oriental, from Nobu by De Niro to the largest Bulgari in Europe with star chef Niko Romito, who will be competing with culinary maestro Alain Ducasse from Romeo. Via Veneto is especially abuzz with the hope of reviving the glory of the Dolce Vita era of Fellini’s films, albeit in a more modern key.

As Rome anticipates grand events on the horizon, such as the Jubilee of 2025 and the coveted World Expo in 2030, international funds with a sharp business acumen are betting on the city of tourism, buying up hotels, holiday homes, B&B structures, and modest trattorias that can be transformed into luxury establishments. Not to mention that many historic 5-star hotels are currently undergoing complete renovations or major refurbishments, like Plaza on Via del Corso and Excelsior on Via Veneto. The goal, underscored by Federalberghi (the Italian Hotel Association), is to offer tourists (and not only) more comfort and security, encouraging them to spend generously on restaurants, car rentals, and shopping in high-end boutiques, thereby literally driving the city’s economy.

Luxury Hotels on the Rise in Rome

It’s undeniable that the new tourists in Rome will be spoiled for choice with an array of luxury hotel structures. According to the numbers, Rome currently has 56 hotels with 4589 rooms in the 5-star category. Rome still has a way to go compared to London with its 166 ultra-luxury hotels and Paris with 103, but the Eternal City confidently surpasses Barcelona (40) and Amsterdam (28).

However, Rome has no rivals in its unique charm, which can be found in the new luxury hotels flourishing in the city. Six Senses has already opened with a view of the Church of San Marcello al Corso, whose facade was restored by Thai owners, and Palazzo Velabro overlooking the Arch of Janus on the Roman Forum. As reported by Corriere della Sera, this innovative “multi-functional” format includes “a small cinema” for private screenings and an exhibition space for young artists, as well as an art book library with a section dedicated to photography.

In the EUR district, next to the Nuvola hotel, is the Italian Hilton La Lama, and on Via Liguria, in the Ludovisi district, the W hotel has just opened, the first Italian branch of the W Hotels Worldwide chain by Marriott.

Bulgari Hotel Roma, Debut with Niko Romito

The long-awaited opening of Bulgari Hotel Roma, the largest hotel in the chain in Europe, has occurred on Piazza Augusto Imperatore with its designer 114 rooms (almost all of which are suites). Among its flagships is a restaurant with five different gastronomic directions, curated by Niko Romito, whose restaurant is located on the 5th floor with a magnificent view of Piazza Augusto Imperatore.

Alain Ducasse Arrives in Rome to Shine at Hotel Romeo

From one chef (and luxury hotel) to another: just 400 meters from Bulgari, in October, RomeoRoma restaurant opened (the same name as its twin in Naples), which is built in the 16th-century Palazzo Serristori. Another anticipated opening is Capponi restaurant, located at the beginning of Via di Ripetta, a few steps from Piazza del Popolo, where the kitchen is ruled by none other than the world’s most star-studded chef with 14 Michelin stars in 2022: Alain Ducasse.

New Hotels and Restaurants for the Dolce Vita of Via Veneto

Rome has seen the opening of the first Nobu hotel with a sushi restaurant led by Japanese cuisine star Nobu Matsuhisa. This is the latest investment by Robert De Niro, who this time is betting on the Eternal City. Nobu has been open in Milan for many years, but the new investments by the Hollywood star, renowned chef Nobu Matsuhisa, and Meir Teper have a much broader scope. In fact, the project was born from a partnership between Carlo Acampora, Chairman and CEO of the Grand Hotel Via Veneto, and Nobu Hospitality, and involves transforming the famous property on Via Veneto into the Nobu Hotel, thus establishing it in the heart of Rome.

Just a few steps from Via Veneto, on Via Boncompagni, work has begun on opening the Mandarin Oriental hotel, a Hong Kong chain controlled by the Jardin Matheson Group. Ten villas immersed in a park with a total area of 17,000 square meters, but above all, a development project that involves an investment of 80 million euros.

Also in this area, the opening of the Rosewood hotel is expected in the former headquarters of Banca Nazionale del Lavoro (Bnl), which will essentially contribute to the redevelopment of Via Veneto. The hotel will offer the most demanding tourists 157 rooms, 44 suites, three restaurants, and a rooftop bar, which are very popular in Rome.

Let’s not forget Four Seasons. The Canadian hotel chain, controlled by Cascade Investment, an investment company founded by Bill Gates, has chosen to fund its activities at Palazzo Marini (two historical buildings in the center, which open from Via del Pozzetto and Via della Mercede onto Piazza San Silvestro): about 300 million euros were spent (160 of which were invested in the purchase of the property, and the rest for renovation work) and more than 20,000 square meters on seven floors of the former headquarters of the Chamber of Deputies. The goal of the new hotel project in Rome is to create exclusive 120 suites, located between the Trevi Fountain and designer shopping streets.

InterContinental Ambasciatori Palace has already opened its doors to guests on Via Veneto, marking the return of the British luxury brand to the capital after a seven-year hiatus. The new hotel brought to Rome the famous American chain restaurant Scarpetta NYC, led by John Meadow.

Investments in Rome’s hotel real estate, particularly by foreign investors, play a significant role for the city, from Corinthia on Piazza Parlamento, entrusted to the eponymous Maltese company managing English property Reuben Brothers, to Palazzo Naiadi, also owned by the Thai group (Anantara), which opens bistros and restaurants on Piazza della Repubblica.

All indications point to a remarkable growth in infrastructure for tourists and exceptional opportunities for gourmets in Rome. The opening of ten new 5-star hotels, including iconic brands like Four Seasons, Mandarin Oriental, and Bulgari, reflects the growing attention of international investors to the Eternal City and provides tourists with even more options for comfortable accommodation.

Additionally, Rome is becoming a hub of culinary delights, attracting famous chefs like Niko Romito and Alain Ducasse, who are establishing restaurants in this beautiful city. Rome offers travelers the opportunity to enjoy not only its historical and cultural riches but also a variety of gastronomic experiences.

Investments in hotel real estate and the renewal of historic hotels also underscore the aim to create comfortable and safe conditions for tourists, contributing to the development of the city’s economy. With all these new developments, Rome maintains its unique charm and becomes an even more attractive destination for visitors.

All these events signify that Rome continues to evolve and attract global attention as one of the world’s most important tourist and cultural centers.

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