Which city will host the World Expo 2030?

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Rome certainly hopes that it can be the one, after putting its name forward in September 2022, alongside Busan, Odessa and Riyadh.

The host country will be chosen in a year’s time, in November 2023. 160 Expo member states will get to vote.

World Expos are dedicated to finding solutions to the fundamental problems facing all of us. Italy’s proposed theme is: “People and Territories: Innovation, Inclusion and Regeneration”. One of the pavilions is planned to be built in the vicinity of Rome, near the “Tor Vergata” university campus and the ancient Roman sites.

The main discussion topic that Italy would like to put on the agenda is: “How could we better look after our planet?” This includes thoughtful custodianship of our planet, taking into account the pace of global urbanization, particularly with respect to what happens in our largest cities. Our descendants have a direct interest in how many people there will be on the planet how we are using our natural resources.

Rome is one of the largest European cities in Europe, yet it also has a thriving agricultural industry. It is one of the greenest cities in Europe, not only because of the many parks, but also due to actual crops grown in the greater Rome area.

The results from sustainable development will not happen immediately, but the benefits will definitely come – the cost of fuel will decrease, the air will become cleaner and, as a result, the quality of life will improve, and there will be fewer diseases caused by air pollution.

This could be a unique opportunity for Italy’s capital to reorient the city’s economy, especially in the construction sector.

And of course, this event will affect the real estate market in the capital:

  • Infrastructure and transport networks will be actively developed
  • The quality of housing will improve
  • There will be more new residential complexes that meet the “sustainable city” criteria
  • Demand for real estate in Rome will increase
  • Real estate prices will rise

We hope that the Eternal City will be chosen to host Expo 2030.

Rome deserves it!

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