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The Lazio coast has been a place of great charm since ancient times, around which many myths and legends were born. From gently sloping beaches for families with children to those wilder, Lazio’s seascape offers options for tourists of all kinds. A house or apartment in Italy by the sea near Rome is an excellent possibility for those who prefer a quiet life, a sandy beach within proximity and good infrastructure. At the same time, the magnificent center of Rome, as well as the large Fiumicino airport, is only a 30-40 minute car or train ride away.

The Top Locations to Buy Your Coastal Home Near Rome

According to a study by the Italian real estate website,, one of the most popular destinations for buying or renting seaside property in Italy are houses and apartments in Anzio on the Tyrrhenian Sea, because there is a great desire to have a beach house in easily accessible places, not too far from large cities.


Anzio is a highly popular summer vacation spot known for its pristine waters (Anzio’s beaches were awarded the EU Blue Flag in 2023) and seafood restaurants with wonderful seaview. In addition, the city’s year-round appeal, it offers a varied year-round infrastructure – hairdressers, shops, bars, ice cream parlours and much more. A lively location close to the famous wine region Castelli Romani, as well as the site of beautiful lakes and the summer residences of the Roman popes.

Santa Marinella

Santa Marinella is renowned for its crystal-clear waters and the stunning Castle of Santa Severa, making it a top-rated attraction – is one of the best attractions in the world. And Time’s treasured list (World’s Greatest Places) confirms this. The sandy beach of the Castle is very spacious and favorable for pleasant walks. Beach bars are available for reserving sun loungers and umbrellas, or you can enjoy the pleasant free beach.


Sabaudia is considered one of Lazio’s VIP resorts, attracting actors and football players who own houses and apartments in this seaside location near Rome. The beach offers fine sand and clean water, making it ideal for activities like windsurfing. One of the highlights of Sabaudia is the surrounding wildlife, which adds to its charm. I highly recommend enjoying aperitifs on Saporetti Beach (located in Torre Paola) during sunset for an unforgettable experience.

San Felice Circeo

San Felice Circeo, another beautiful seaside resort in the province of Latina, Lazio, is steeped in history and legends. It is here that Ulysses was bewitched by the sorceress Circe. Not far from the beach of San Felice lies the famous Grotto delle Capre (Goat’s Cave), believed to be the site where powerful spells were cast by the sorceress. Along with its crystal-clear sea and expansive beaches, exploring the historical center of San Felice Circeo is a must. In the evenings, the fortified town comes alive with restaurants, clubs, boutiques, and a vibrant atmosphere. There is also a cinema named after the beloved actress Anna Magnani, who adored this village and was laid to rest here.


Terracina stretches along a 3-kilometer-long beach, known for its bustling nightlife filled with numerous clubs. The city is divided into three distinct areas: a medieval quarter with fascinating monuments, a neoclassical area featuring 18th- and 19th-century buildings, and a modern promenade perfect for welcoming travelers. Terracina also offers the opportunity to admire the ancient Appian Way, adding to its historical charm.


Sperlonga, often referred to as the pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea, boasts crystal-clear waters and picturesque white houses in its historic center, creating a truly magical ambiance. With a population of just over 3,000, Sperlonga is recognized as one of the “Most Beautiful Villages in Italy” and has received the Blue Flag award for the cleanliness of its sea for 25 consecutive years. In addition to swimming in the blue waters, visitors can explore the Archaeological Museum, which houses magnificent marble artifacts from the Villa of Tiberius, providing insights into the rich history of the area.

What kind of houses and apartments by the sea do people buy in Italy?

In mid-2023, we witnessed a significant recovery in the Italian real estate market. Fascinating apartments and villas by the sea are being snapped up at a rapid pace. Typically, newly constructed properties are in high demand, as the majority of the market in Italy consists of secondary housing.

When purchasing an apartment by the sea in Italy, one of the most important factors to consider is whether it has a terrace from which one can enjoy the pleasant sunset views.

If you dream of owning a beachfront house with a swimming pool in Italy, such offers are not easily found. Italians themselves often prefer to buy spacious houses with large plots and swimming pools in peaceful residential areas of Rome, albeit a bit further away from the coastline. This allows them to avoid overpaying for proximity to the beach.

What are the prices for apartments and houses by the sea near Rome?

Good apartments and townhouses by the sea near Rome typically start from around 300.000 euros. The cost of real estate in Italy is influenced not only by the distance from the beach but also by the prestige of the location, the condition of the property, and the presence of amenities such as a terrace, swimming pool, or gated estate.

We have compiled a selection of apartments and houses by the sea in Lazio at various price points. We would be delighted to provide you with additional options. Please complete the consultation form to submit your request.

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