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Attico – Luxurious Living in the Heart of Italy

In Italian, the word “Attico” refers to more than just a penthouse as commonly envisioned – a modern building with expansive windows and a terrace. In Italy, an Attico is often situated in beautiful historic buildings on the top floor and boasts a spacious terrace, lending it a unique charm.

Living in an Italian Attico

Residing in an Attico entails relishing the unparalleled ambiance of an ancient city. Expansive terraces adorned with wild grapevines, cozy nooks featuring traditional clay pots filled with vibrant flowers. Each morning, you can delight in a cup of aromatic espresso while taking in the view of the historic center, where every street exudes history and beauty.

Attico in Rome and Milan

Rome hosts some of Italy’s most exquisite Atticos. These residences offer breathtaking views of ancient monuments and the enchanting streets of the capital, enabling you to fully immerse yourself in the eternal city’s atmosphere.

In Milan, the northern Italian capital, the most sought-after properties are penthouses boasting rooftop pools and panoramic windows in modern high-rise buildings. Nonetheless, in Milan’s historic district, one can also discover penthouses reminiscent of those in Rome, where comfort and style harmonize with historical architecture.

The Allure of Historical Heritage

Italian Atticos are renowned for their uniqueness and individuality. These dwellings blend the allure of antiquity with modern conveniences. Tall ceilings, spacious rooms, and vistas of ancient streets cultivate a special ambiance of comfort and harmony.

An Attico in Italy transcends mere accommodation; it embodies a lifestyle that allows you to fully experience the typical atmosphere, historical heritage, and warm Italian sun. Residing in such a place means savoring every moment, uncovering new facets of Italian culture and history.

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