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Recently, the term Property Finder or Home Hunter has become more and more common. Let’s take a look at the main differences in the work of this expert from the classic real estate agent Realtor.

Property finder and real estate agent: the main differences

The main difference is that the activity of a Real Estate Agent is aimed at the sale of its properties (lists), entrusted on the mandate of the owners or promoters. The agent develops an advertising campaign, answers calls, visits with potential buyers and other necessary actions aimed at selling the items entrusted to them.

A Property Finder is an expert consultant, acting on behalf of the buyer in the real estate market, with the aim of finding a dream home for their client according to specified criteria. Property Finder’s analyze all offers on the market and on off-market properties that are not represented in the databases and listings of real estate agencies, monitors presale and presale options for properties. The duties of a real estate search specialist include analyzing property rights, the condition of the house, the situation in the surrounding area, attracting local specialists if necessary, as well as conducting a transaction with maximum benefit for the customer,  and taking into account all their interests.

How is work with a real estate expert organized?

Collaboration with a real estate specialist includes the following steps:

  • Processing of the application – meeting in the office or in a convenient place for the customer, as well as holding a video conference if a potential buyer is remote, in order to clearly understand the needs, expectations and preferences of the customer, and the purpose of the purchase real estate in Italy (for permanent residence, summer holidays, income generation, etc. etc.)
  • Signing of the mandate for the selection of a real estate object; compilation of an individual questionnaire to identify the main search criteria – characteristics, places in question, budget, acquisition times, etc.
  • Sending the client of real estate objects selected at their request with photographs, general descriptions and floor plans, indicating address, distances, condition of the object and maintenance costs
  • The choice of objects by the customer and the analysis of the information provided
  • Organization of the views of the selected objects
  • Organization of the subsequent viewing of the selected object, preliminary calculation of the costs of purchase, maintenance, repair, consultancy on tax matters with the involvement of individual specialists, if required
  • Assistance in opening a tax code and an account in an Italian bank
  • Preparation of the purchase proposal, tax and cadastral checks, negotiations and bargaining with the seller in the interest of the customer
  • Drafting of a preliminary sales contract, registration of a preliminary sales contract
  • Drafting of the final notarial sale contract – preparation of a package of documents, provision of an interpreter and witnesses
  • Transfer to the new user owner, condominium payments, registration in the waste collection service
    Consultation with an architect, construction company, selection of service personnel, conclusion of a contract for after-sales service (at the request of the client).

Who is our potential buyer?

Our potential buyer wants to save time and money, they do not have the ability nor the desire to search for a property in Italy on their own. The search for properties will continue until an object is found that fully satisfies the customer’s needs.

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